July 14th, 2007


I <3 Nagoya!

I have a couple of friends in Nagoya, but since I was pulled out, and got there pretty late in the evening, I didn't have the chance to contact them. So I haunted the purlieus of the hotel with a German, a South African, a Maltese, and a Scotsman (not pictured). We ate at Hard Rock Cafe while I begged them to sing with me at the karaoke playground next door; they refused, so I had to slip them all a roofie. Then after the singing was done, Captain Alex bribed us into hitting one more venue (the Elephant Shovel or some such). There we met a local who was the expectorating image of Nezumi, my favorite invention. I took about a hundred pictures of her (not shown) for inspiration, which may have creeped her out. She was nice about it. (I was also stunned to meet the living incarnation of Koneko, main character elect of my next story which I'll start writing in November.)

View from our fancypants hotel.

I like how you can see the reflection of the bar inside.

Cute in-house musicians sang Billy Joel and an English rendition of "Itoshii no Eri."

This is me being a diva at Joy Joy. Props to the Brenden Fraser lookalike who took pictures of me. ME!!!
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Himalayas and the K2

Flying over the Himalayas. That big one is K2, the planet's second-highest mountain.

These are tiny in comparison.

A town. Crazy.

We were flying at 37,000 feet, and K2 is about 28,000 feet.

Looking right down over it. Hi, K2!

Himalayas. Crazy.