July 21st, 2007


Walking in Deutschland

This is scenery I found walking around a town just outside Frankfurt.

I love it when plants devour buildings.

Candy cane stripes for dubaiwalla

Pretty green spikes.

I think I see an ohm in this one.

You were all yellow.

I got lost in all the window dressings..

..and distracted by the grafitti that is all over this country.

I like the asymmetry of this.

Cyrus loves Don's arm

Nicknames I have given to Cyrus at different times: Cobra, Striker, Monchichi, Boyfriend!, Mishter Shnuggley, Mister Prowly, Mr. Snappy Jaws, Beast, Rooster, Alarm Clock, Princess, Beefdog.

My dad calls him "Racehorse." My brother just gives him the finger.

Texas Tour, Spring 2007

So around Halloween of 1992 (I think it was 1992.. 8th grade?) pajamasaurus and I made these buttons. About fifteen years later, they were reunited.

There was also:

"Oh, we weren't supposed to let the cats into the computer room while you were at work? Because we did let the cats in."

"Never mind. It's okay if the cats come in, but you have to watch them."

"Oh, okay. We watched them."

(Watched them eat your plants...)