January 18th, 2008


Switzerland: It's Different!

New place! I went somewhere I've never been before!

Like every other place I ever go to, I was filled with preconceptions about Switzerland. Many of these were correct - there were watch stores, banks, and multitools everywhere - but I expected it to be just like Germany or any other part of Europe. And it's not! It's different!

The money is different! It reminds me of old Deutschmarks and Belgian francs.(And of a statue I saw in Munich.)

The light switches are different! Square buttons you push!

A donkey with a pencil on its head and a drum, inexplicably used to display diamonds.

But, like in Germany, you can get pretzels bigger than your head. (Head shown for scale.)

The Swiss might be deceptively goofy.

They're definitely well dressed. I like these slippers. (I'd have to get both pairs, though. I couldn't wear matching slippers.)


Switzerland: It's Pretty!

Zurich is beautiful - but even better, I hardly got rained on, and the temperature was above zero! I even saw a bit of blue sky. Rain has been following me around the world. I got wet in Singapore and Brisbane, and when I was in Dubai between flights, I never did see the sun.

Much Campari was served on the flights to and from Zurich.