February 10th, 2009


I don't seem to tire of photographing Dubai

I was trying to take pictures of these buildings across from Don's bank...

So Austin suggested going up to the roof of the building the bank is in.

That's better! This is across from Dubai Marina.

We could see a couple of train stations...

...and the stuff behind the stuff across from Dubai Marina.

Highway craziness to the south. See those big dishes on the left side of the horizon?

Here's the newer part of the Marina.

We were here!

Coming up next... hunting for treasure!

A Treasure Hunt Outing (Contains Spoilers)

So this was my first visit to Safa Park, for my first geocaching experience.

The theme was The Legend of the Cobra!

The three of us got around the park on a bicycle built for four to seven. Austin is feeding "Magic Corn" to Don, which is perfectly normal.

As per the Legend, the ground at Safa Park really is full of holes.

Anybody else reminded of Central Park?

Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.

Top of a waterfall.

Now, to find that treasure...

Collapse )

There's more to Safa Park. Like this maze.

And this beautiful, beautiful tree.