April 2nd, 2009


Cute Cat Videos... Adopt This Cat!

UPDATE! This kitty has a new home and is no longer up for adoption! :) :) :)

(Special thanks to mrputter for putting words into Kitty's mouth.)

Don and I are fostering this 16-month-old kitty, and we're desperate for somebody to adopt him! We'd keep him if we could, but it isn't an option, if only because the neighbors are bound to start complaining about the cat fight noises. (He gets along with our two girl kitties, but he and Cyrus have a strong mutual dislike for each other.)

He's already been fixed, and he has all his shots. If you know anybody in the UAE who loves animals and might be looking for a sweet pet, direct them to me! I can be contacted at chu_hi@livejournal.com. Feel free to share these videos, as well, if you think somebody might be interested in this little guy.