July 31st, 2009


Deira! Again! And the ISS!

Interesting mosques! Silly shop signs! Colonial facades!

Special thanks to dubaiwalla for getting me out of the house.

So yeah. Interesting mosques!

Silly shop signs!

One of many wannabe KFC's, with its own wannabe Colonel.

"Eeeeat my feeesh. Eeeet eeet, eeet eees beeeg. Feeeeesh."

Not a sign, but silly nonetheless.

Colonial facades!

In other news, we saw the International Space Station on the 28th! For three whole minutes, as it sped over our heads. Wow, it was so cool! And we should be able to see it on August 1, as well, from 19:39-19:41 (UAE time). If you're here, watch for it in the west part of the sky, speeding toward the south part of the sky. Fast.

Don bought binoculars to watch the ISS, and took them out to Deira to watch things like the setting moon. It's a good way to make new friends.