March 6th, 2010


Catching Up

I have so many photographs I haven't posted. Here are some from Dubai, Nice, and Monaco.

Edna in front of the Burj Dubai Fountain

One of the cats (Kali, I presume) knows our initial.

Silly saltwater fish at the Atlantis Aquarium

Trying on glasses, even though I already have glasses

Burj Dubai, just before dusk

Tiny shell found by Edna

I made some zen in the sand

Then I went to Nice

We headed for the train station to get to Monaco

I didn't have a jacket, but I had lots of scarves.

From the train window

Monaco looks like this.

Proof I was there

Then these clouds rolled in

The clouds sorta made everything even more colorful

I was afraid my saffron risotto would be too plain, but it came garnished with gold

Some night color in Nice