susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Hong Kong Random

I should be posting pictures from my two Japan trips last month, or from Texas in June, or those four fabulous days in Ghana. But I just got back yesterday from Hong Kong, so here's some of that. I've been to Hong Kong before, but didn't take a proper camera.

It was warm and rainy and pleasant. Last time I did all the sightseeing (Victoria Peak, antique district, night markets..) so this time I just had good local food and went shopping. At Toys R Us. And a grocery store. Hey, Muyan! Hong Kong has Freshness Burger! And chu-hi!

Bought these for the two little katoributa stickers.

Standby tonight. Fingers crossed for something easy... hoping for an India flight, for the food.
Tags: hong kong

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