January 19th, 2011


Singapore and a friend

A few days ago, I spent a rainy day in Singapore. The best part was spending a few hours with menoir, making it the fifth country we've met up in (counting the one where we live). I also went to the Philatelic Museum and bought a FDC album, and wandered around taking pictures of interesting buildings and things. Here are some of those.


Venice, A Lovely Swamp

So I went to Venice for the first time. It was freezing cold and damp and dark, but it was swarming with tourists. I can't imagine how crowded it gets in the summer. In spite of the cold, I found it really quite beautiful. It's a lovely swamp.

These catwalk thingies are used to walk through the streets when they are flooded.


View from the Rialto

Marco Polo Square