February 1st, 2011


One way to cook lentils

As I type this, I'm eating daal, as taught to me by menoir. It is gooood. This is how he taught me to make it.

.Soak daal in a puddle of water. To make khichdi (sp?), soak about 1/3 the same amount of rice with it. This is what I'm having now.
.Sauté three cloves of garlic, a small onion, and three sliced green chilis. In canola oil or olive oil if you want it to be vegan, or, as menoir said at the time, "If you want it to be really delicious, use a lot of ghee."
.Throw in a cinnamon stick, a few cracked cardamom pods, some mustard seeds, and some cumin seeds.
.Also add a blob of ginger paste or ginger/garlic paste.
.Throw in the daal (or daal and rice) and saute that for a few minutes.
.Add water, a bay leaf, salt, and a crumb of asafoetida.
.Bring to boil. Then lower to a simmer, until the extra water is gone and it looks delicious.