March 26th, 2011


Yellow Speedboat

Seventeen guests, two yellow speedboats, two coolers full of beer, fun tunes, a waterfall, snorkeling, and a barbecue. Mauritius!

Best thing about the trip? My pulchritudinous batchmate! He was from a different set of crew, and I didn't know he was in Mauritius when I signed up for the boat trip. Yay auspicious gathering!

It's always a perfect day.

Swam for about twenty minutes...

Eight of us then took a glass bottom boat to a reef in a preserve, and did about thirty minutes of snorkeling, while these people worked on their sunburns.

Then a barbecue that looked like this. I had the vegetarian option - cole slaw and sliced white bread.

This puppy let me carry her around. She attached herself to me. I wanted to keep her.

Windblown and turning pink. Pretty waterfall!