September 29th, 2012


Veganism, Just For Fun

I decided to try veganism for seven days, starting at midnight this morning - two hours ago. I don't have any layovers, so I don't have to rely on hotels and restaurants.

The first two dishes I made were a vegetable smoothie and Gary Rhodes' sweet pea hummus.

Vegetable smoothie:

This is a drink I concocted a few days ago, in an attempt to prepare broccoli (which I hate) in a form I might enjoy.

*small handful of celery
*small handful of spinach
*piece of broccoli
*three ounces spicy V8 juice
*tablespoon of lemon juice
*a few ice cubes

This was my original recipe from the first day. The second day, I added spirulina. The third day (just now) I also added a few cashews and a radish. Up until the radish, it's all good. Maybe half a radish, next time. I didn't realize how it would overpower the celery and everything else.

It's very green. And it's good, in the way that a Bloody Mary is good.

Gary Rhodes' sweet pea hummus:

I love peas, and I'd never thought to prepare them this way. I didn't make this exactly according to the recipe, because I like hummus my own way, and I wanted a smaller quantity than this recipe makes.

I used a higher ratio of chickpeas to sweet peas (or as I would call them, regular peas); I'd guess 200g of peas to 100g of chickpeas. I skipped the sugar. I used two cloves of garlic. I also added a small bag of cashews and a dollop of Marmite (in place of the salt).

It's also very green. And it's SO good.

I'm going to enjoy cooking this week.