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susan smitten

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June 14th, 2013

Toy Car [Jun. 14th, 2013|12:26 am]
susan smitten
Maybe I'll test drive a Fiat 500. It isn't powerful, but it's a lot cheaper than the other toy cars I've been looking at.

The local price index says they go for AED 72k (USD $19,726), but the dealer's website says they're AED 62k (USD $16,986).

This is on Dubizzle, a classified ad site.
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Guitar Was The Case [Jun. 14th, 2013|12:42 am]
susan smitten

My friend gave me some wrapping paper when she left Dubai, and I thought it would suit the box my guitar lives in.

Too bad I mixed the glue wrong, and applied it to the largest panel of paper. I had hoped the wrinkles would even out when it dried, but there was just too much water.

I'd papered the inside a while back.

It's not perfect, but it'll do.
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