June 23rd, 2013

I see you..

Chasing Dolphins in Mauritius

Yesterday was Day Two of my leave. I don't have any pictures of it to show you. I went to the beach for four hours with girl friends, and confirmed that I really love the ocean, and I really love my girl friends. We frolicked in the open ocean and chatted in the shade, laughed at fish leaping out of the water, nobody complained about the heat, and we were out of time before we knew it. Later I watched World War Z in 3D with a guy I met on reddit.

Speaking of the ocean, three weeks ago, I was in Mauritius. I went on an excursion to swim with dolphins. There were twelve of us, and we got in a motor boat and sped away from shore to find traveling schools of dolphins. When we found them, we'd try to get ahead of them, then we'd snorkel after them, two at a time plus a guide, to try to get in the middle of them.

Too bad the dolphins made themselves scarce when it was my go. Other girls would climb back into the boat chattering, "It was incredible, it was a dolphin village, there were baby dolphins and big dolphins and so many dolphins!!" When I was in the water, I chased after the guide who was chasing after a dolphin he saw... but I saw nothing. That's okay, it was still fun. I'll definitely try again next time.

Anyway, I could see them from the boat. They leap out of the water, sometimes throwing things around ~ kicking driftwood or something up like it was a soccer ball.

And it's hard to be disappointed when you get to spend 36 hours in such a beautiful place.

This was the view from my hotel room.
I see you..

Recreational Buying of Stuff

Today was day three of my leave. I wanted to give blood, but my hemoglobin came up short of good enough. Then I went on a gleeful retail spree.

As you can see, this is seating and it's also storage. Solving so many of my problems all at once. Bookend cats sold separately.

I got new crockery. I disliked my old plates so much, I think I was avoiding preparing things that you eat off plates.

The ice plant is new. You can eat ice plants, and so can your cats. And they will.

I grabbed a huge haul from my new favorite store on this side of the creek, stuff I can't get at the shop downstairs, including but not limited to: walnuts, Hershey's syrup, Jif peanut butter, apricot jam, tofu, canned bean sprouts, spinach, broccoli, rosemary, dried apricots, ready-to-eat aloo matar and punjabi chole, refried beans, jalapenos, habanero barbecue almonds, Heinz vegetable soup, sushi ginger, wasabi, frozen spring rolls, and Thai sweet chili sauce.

I hung some lights that I've had for years, realizing I had to use them or give them away.

I'm not totally finished yet; they'll look nice when I am.

Did you notice the cake in the ice plant picture? I made a banana cake with walnuts. I did the flax egg thing for the eggs and substituted coconut cream for sour cream. The result is fluffy and moist and sticky; I'm actually surprised. Flat, though, because I used a 12" pan instead of a 9" pan. Someday, I'll attempt a frosting using vegan margarine, coconut cream, sugar, and vanilla, but not even my new favorite store sells the vegan margarine. I have to go out to the organic shop for it.