July 3rd, 2013

I see you..

Day Eight ~ Brunch and More

Day eight started with Friday brunch at Cavendish in the Bonnington. There was feedback that the waiters were slow on refilling glasses. Also, a guy at a piano kept playing the saddest songs.

Then we stopped by a friend's apartment nearby, where she checked facebook and played Candy Crush. I don't know how she can use such a small monitor. Then we moved to another girl's apartment for blender drinks and sugary shots.

Then I moved to another friend's apartment in the same neighborhood. This was the only picture I got. I guess Friday had a theme.
I see you..

Day Nine ~ Last Day of Leave

Saturday morning, I needed the largest carrot-apple-ginger juice money can buy, from Burt's Cafe.

After that, I had a cheeseless pizza at the Organic Shop. Compelling company not pictured.

From there, I crossed the creek to visit a friend's house.

Her father cooked a delicious spread of food for us!

Everybody loves Bowie the kitty.

We were six girls. Makeup was applied to faces. (See table.)