November 7th, 2013


Too Tasty© Vegan Buffalo Wings

These fried cauliflower were trying to be buffalo wings. In the end, they were better.

I tried to make so-called vegan buffalo wings using cauliflower, but I (still) don't have a car, so I made some substitutions. Rice flour instead of gram flour, soy milk instead of almond milk, Follow Your Heart Vegenaise instead of Follow Your Heart Ranch. For the sauce, I mixed vegan margarine with Tabasco (a typical Buffalo sauce, though the original would use butter) and mixed it with a little soy milk (as per the recipe) to make it creamier.

The result was Too Tasty©. I have my doubts about this recipe. All my substituted ingredients had less flavor than the ingredients they stood in for. Cauliflower has a lot of flavor by itself, and the sauce and the flour mixture had a lot of flavor. It was good, but intense. I'd like to try cooking cauliflower in this manner again, with far fewer seasonings. I think that largely, they just aren't necessary.