December 8th, 2013


Champ of the Camp

Watch this trailer:

Last night I was lucky to be at the world premier of Champ of the Camp, the latest documentary by Mahmoud Kaabour about the Camp Ka Champ competition across UAE labor camps. It was held at an outdoor venue on the second day of the Dubai International Film Festival. The film is musical throughout, full of emotion and homesickness, longing for families back home, and joy and mirth through singing, dancing, and competition. Five contenders were followed for four months during the competition. It's an insight into the lifestyles of these men, and is carried by the songs they sing while they work and rest.

This was the venue.

And this was next to the screen.

Four of the main players from the film were at the film's reception, and performed songs a cappella for about two minutes each. The fifth could not be present due to his passport not coming through in time. It was special. I felt fortunate to be there.

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