July 11th, 2014


Martin and Don and California and Wine

A few hours after I tried the Clos Du Val 2009 Merlot at Cut, I found out I was going to San Francisco. I decided to make it my mission to acquire this wine in California, which quickly turned into a plan to visit the winery with antivert, aka Don.

I made plans as well to meet up with hitchhiker. But first, my fellow stewardesses and I had some drinking to do. Some twenty hours earlier, we three First Class ladies had sat together in the briefing room, and one of the girls (spoiler, it wasn't me) said she was ready for a margarita. When we arrived, we went straight down to the hotel lobby for a few margaritas, followed by a few glasses of wine.

And here we are. You'd never guess what a long and wretched shift we had come off of.

One of the girls took 117 pictures of me.

She was learning about my camera, and I was happy to pose.

The other girl had a lot of mail delivered to the hotel.

In the morning -- early in the morning -- I rented a car and drove out to Martin's place! Then we went to Pomelo. Here is the first attempt at getting a picture of me with Martin.

Cold soba noodles with ginger and tofu. I would like to have this again right now.

The street where hitchhiker lives. (Funny, seems I have written that before, in an entirely different country!)

Second attempt at a picture with Martin. In the end, it was up to him with his phone.

Next, I drove to Martinez to pick up Don! And we headed for Napa.

We listened to XM radio.

Finally we arrived at Clos Du Val.

This will be written up at chu_hi_wines momentarily.

The only good picture of us together is from his phone (again; the X100 isn't good for selfies, and strangers seem to have a hard time using it), so here's a picture of me modeling a wine purse.

And here's Don with empty glasses in front of him. I did accomplish my mission, by the way, which was to purchase all the 2009 merlot they had.

After our tasting, we went to the Bistro Don Giovanni.

It turned out to be an excellent choice, and I would like to recommend it to everyone.

This was my gazpacho soup.

And this was a delicious tiramisu.

ETA! I have posted pictures from the winery to the wine journal. Hope you enjoy them!

Cool Cucumber

Keeping with the salad theme, here's an easy cucumber salad I've been making for around fifteen years.

For one serving, thinly slice a small to medium size cucumber, and a quarter of a small onion. Toss the crunchy sliced veggies in a bowl with about 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar (I used maple syrup today), and a tablespoon of rice vinegar. Or sherry vinegar, or apple vinegar, white vinegar... whatever you have in your cupboard. Toast sesame seeds in a dry pan, and sprinkle on top.

Try to chill it in the fridge overnight. If you can't wait that long, even two or three hours helps blend the flavors.