June 24th, 2015


Kansai Pictures, Part Third. Finally!

On day 3 of my Kansai trip, I went to Kyoto. (This was seven weeks ago, but I'm flaky about posting pictures. On this trip, I was also flaky about taking them; all of these were taken with my phone, rather than my proper camera.) My old friend Mike met me when I got off the bus, and we went to the Toji-in Temple.

This striking Daruma image stands at the entrance to Toji-in.

The garden is extraordinary.

Mike and I had lunch at this 'Cafe Bianco.'

It was bright and cheerful.

Mike went back to his job, and I hung around another temple.

Ryōan-ji Temple is a place where people go to take pictures of rocks.

I stayed for a while, sat on a bench with a book. It was quiet and calming there.

In the evening, Mike and I went to touristy Gion for a meal.

And a drink.

When we came back to Kobe, we wrapped up the evening with a round of Kobe Knockouts at International Bar Nasty House.