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Jumeirah Lake Towers

In February, I posted some pictures of Jumeirah Lake Towers, calling it "the stuff across from Dubai Marina." That day was much clearer than today was, but I got out with antivert and dubaiwalla to get a few photographs.

The middle few pictures were taken from the 33rd and 19th floors of the Bonnington Tower, where the staff were extremely accommodating about letting us take pictures from the verandas of beautiful deluxe apartments!

There really are a couple of lakes, with more to come. See the Marina skyline back there?

This is the base of the 74-story Almas Tower. If you looked at my first JLT entry, Almas Tower is the tall one with the spire.

Metro Station, and beyond it, yachts.

Jumeirah Islands is an inland development surrounded by artificial canals.

Sunset time! I used my sunglasses as a filter.

Metro station!

Finally, dinner at Sivestar Bhavan in Karama. Dosai, uttapam, Gobi 65, and idlis.
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