susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

The California Stricklands

My brother and his wife moved to Southern California, and this is where they live.

At night it looks like this, at least it did last week, and that isn't ideal.

The morning of the first day of school. Dirk would rather Chloe stayed home to play.

Walking to school on the first day! It's right across the street.

Doesn't she look happy about starting the second grade?

I would be. They get adventures! And California Science!

Okay! I think I will!

Daddy's got a brand new vice vise!


I like how the handle is the spoiler.

The front of their house, with 5 colors of roses blooming in front.


Strickland men and little lizards.
Tags: california, stricklands

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