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Auckland Adventures

So Don is in California with the family, and a few days before he left, I had a standby where I was called to go to Auckland, via Melbourne. The end result is nearly two weeks in which we won't see each other, and that is not ideal.

Auckland was good because I got to see lctrc_gtr_dde for the first time in nearly three years. He somehow gave me the exact tour of Auckland that I'd been needing, with an insight he may or may not have picked up by reading my diary for the last three years.

Don has the camera, at my insistence, so I had to steal other people's pictures to make this entry. I'd give credit, but I've already forgotten where I got some of these. I didn't take these pictures! These pictures aren't mine!

We saw the Civic Theatre, an 80-year-old theatre with South Asian decor.

We saw this light show on the Ferry Terminal building...

...which celebrated the rebranding of the Telecom company? This image and the one before it were found at

And we sat for a while inside the brand new (only been around a couple of years) Brittomart train station, while the rain poured down over the modern glass cupolas. Ack, I can't find the source of this image, either! (edit: mrputter says it came from It was one of the first few hits on Google Images. Sorry, anonymous blogger/photographer. And thank you.

There was also a cafe with a cool ceiling and delicious lattes, not pictured. And historical details about the historic downtown area. And a Daiso-like Japanese katoributa store. And a funky, century old, art-laden apartment with pieces of tape on the floor. A shared beer whose name I've forgotten. Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk. Lots of comedy I'd never seen or heard of, alternating with politics that attempted (vainly) to dampen my mood. Music. Ballroom dancing, ballet, and figure skating. And Denny's.

Thanks, lctrc_gtr_dde, for the fun Auckland adventures!

Today, dubaiwalla and I saw "TRANSMUTATIONS" BY MARTIN BECKA, and the works of Ayad Alkadhi, and a few other things, at DIFC. Sometimes I complain about the lack of live music or used bookstores around here, but I can't complain about the art galleries. They are countless, and they are quality.

Oh! dubaiwalla! I think I just figured out why you said my icon was hilarious. Is it because it's a bathroom mirror shot (a la MySpace) with a 35mm? (If not, will you please tell me why?)
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