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susan smitten

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A bottle of Indecence [Feb. 15th, 2003|02:21 am]
susan smitten
[Feeling |pleasedpleased]

Don gave me Givenchy Organza Indecence for Valentine's Day. *sWoON* The bottle resembles an androgynous figure whose frock has blown open. It smells WONDERFUL; in fact, it smells just like *something* but I can't place it. "Indecence carries a top note of cinnamon and fresh spices, a heart of jacaranda and patchouli, and caresses of amber and musk, in testimony to the modern woman who breaks new ground and defines her own sexuality, blah blah blah..."

[User Picture]From: joshdavis
2003-02-14 11:22 am (UTC)

Stink Pretty

Wow... So Indecent! hehe

I got Erica a miniature rose plant for the kitchen window. :) It came a day early, but that's ok. :)
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[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2003-02-14 11:29 am (UTC)

Re: Stink Pretty

Aww, how nice!
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[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2003-02-14 11:30 am (UTC)

Re: Stink Pretty

I gave Don an 8x10 enlargement of a photo of a gin and tonic that he took. Yeah, I know it sounds weird.
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[User Picture]From: joshdavis
2003-02-14 04:22 pm (UTC)

Re: Stink Pretty

Hehe, mebbe, but mebbe not. It's all about what someone will appreciate. :)

I would appreciate a kilo of swedish chocolate candies, and a few hundred thousand dollars so the fam and I could go travelling after paying off the house and debts and prepaying utils and taking a leave from work and all that.

hrm, few hundred thousand. I guess I could probably just LIVE off of that. :)
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From: (Anonymous)
2003-02-14 10:35 pm (UTC)


Sooooo do you feel indecent when you wear it?

How sinful... and perfect.


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[User Picture]From: razormaid
2003-02-15 07:58 pm (UTC)
I LOVE that bottle. I'm such a packaging whore... I will pay more for something just because I like the box. I guess it's the graphic designer in me trying to get out. :) I need to go find some of this at the mall so I can smell it... and HEY, then if I ever meet you and I'm blindfolded, I will be able to find you because I'll know what you smell like. Yeah.
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