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Torrential Photo Dump

I am so, so, SO behind on putting up pictures. Historically, I eventually give up and skip posting stuff after so much time has passed. But in the interest of getting these posted so I can get on with posting pictures of Edna, my Mother-In-Law's, visit to Dubai, and in the interest of my friends not getting bored with me and leaving me, I will dump a big truckload of photos on to your friends list. Here! In reverse chronology! Too many pictures!

The day Edna arrived, I had just come from Singapore, where I heard tell of the mythical duck hippo.

Singapore has lots of water and happy people.

In Singapore, I went with a colleague to see Men In Tutus ~ men dancing women's ballet, comedy style.

They were goofy, but pretty talented.

Before Singapore, I was in Brisbane.

Brisbane has a Nepalese pagoda.

In Brisbane, I met pappubahry, and we went to this used book fair. Can I put your picture here, pappubahry?

The only Sujata Massey book I found was The Bride's Kimono, which I already had. So I stood it up like this so it would catch somebody else's eye.

Before Singapore and Brisbane, I took this picture of Cyrus napping on Don's face.

This is a roller skating rink, or skate park, in Dubai's Wafi City mall, in the "Encounter Zone" video arcade area.

Don and I went skating, and tried to take pictures of each other skating. I have flaily arms.

Don putting on false flails.

I couldn't get a good picture of Don skating up and down ramps.

This was weird: Osaka Castle, in Dubai's Zabeel Park!

Seems somebody decided Osaka and Dubai are sister cities.

Earlier in January, I took this picture of the Belgian cafe in Festival City, Dubai.

And here is Business Bay Crossing, taken from the same spot.

Trendy "bed" club at Festival City. The word "bed" looks like a bed.

Yachts at Festival City.

In December, I went to Houston and saw nativeinformant. We went shopping.

And the night before that, nativeinformant and I went out in downtown Houston.

More to come. Poke me if I lag behind.
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