susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Adopt a Polar Bear! (Except he's a cat.)

Polar Bear is a cat we rescued about a month ago, after we found him in front of our building begging for food. We stopped to give him a tickle, and found he was very sweet and floppy and gentle, so we brought him inside. Now he is vaccinated, fixed, and tagged, and ready to be adopted into a loving home.

He is eight or nine months old, but he's huge! I think he might get bigger. He has soft fur and a cute pink nose and cute pink ears (though his pretty face, sadly, has been scratched by our Cyrus kitty, who hates him). The vet told us he is an "Arabian Mau," a "de facto" pure breed indigenous to the UAE for 1,000 years.

Here's some information on the Arabian Mau breed:

If you're in the UAE, or have friends in the UAE, you can help by reposting this video, using this code:

The bear needs a home!
Tags: cats, dubai

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