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Lots of Casablanca Colors

Okay, here are a few too many pictures I took across two trips to Casablanca last month.

Is it any wonder I suffered crippling hay fever while I was there?

One of the five girls I was touring with commented that Casablanca doesn't look unlike Los Angeles.

For a while, we stood over this resort, watching the giant waves crash.

Like this.

The Hassan II Mosque

Someone insisted I pose for a picture. Twisted my arm, she did.

Then back to the markets. Every single time I'm there.

I never buy anything, but come back with too many pictures like this.

Okay, my favorite picture from Casablanca, which was of the Moroccan hammam spa, got corrupted the other night when I was editing it, and I couldn't recover it. Bah. I can't even re-create it, because the best part was the three girls (with whom I bathed) looking up at it. This is not my favorite picture, but here are two of the girls and myself in a restaurant after we'd been thoroughly steamed, soaped, scrubbed, and massaged. Don't we look refreshed?

On the bus the next day, I showed one of my colleagues the consumer guide to UAE fish and overfishing. Somebody else asked to see it, and it got passed around with great interest until somebody asked if she could keep it. If you eat fish in the UAE, or if you're interested in conservation, you may be interested: Choose Wisely.

On another topic, these days, I just feel like watching Hindi movies all the time...

House Full was the stupidest good movie I've seen in a while. It was funny and sexy, and the songs were fun, but it was so stupid at times. Yet somehow, some of the stupidest scenes were also some of the best. Note to self: if thirteen year old girls are flocking in droves to see a film, it will probably be kind of dumb. Appropriately, the theater was packed - a full house.

Wake Up Sid was a nice enough film, and might be the first Hindi film I've seen that is set entirely in Mumbai. The other Bollywood films I've seen are shot on location (and that's one reason I'm liking them so much) but "location" usually includes several cities around India and around the world. So that's one thing that set this film apart.

Then I got to see most of the 204 minute What's Your Raashee? Now I have to see the rest of it (I missed the beginning). I knew Priyanka Chopra could act since seeing her in Fashion, but in this film, she plays twelve different characters, and each time she came on screen, I had to convince myself that this was the same actress. The story has been done in the past - a guy has ten days to find love and get married, or lose the inheritance his family is depending on - but the movie was sweet.

Coming soon, pictures from high up the Burj Dubai tower. Until then, why not check out uaephotos, an excellent collection of images from the country?
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