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Links For You (And For Me)

Before I forget, here are a few links I want to share.
The other night, we attended a screening of the Choose Wisely campaign video (produced by Nessrine Al-Zahlawi of EWS-WWF) at Mall of the Emirates. The very strong message this movie conveys is that the hammour fish, a popular local delicacy, is likely less than a couple of years away from a collapsed state of the species, after a very short period of overfishing. Click on "watch the campaign video" to see the short, seven minute video.
Then we were treated to a free showing of End of the Line, an optimistic but terrifying documentary about overfishing worldwide. The data presented in this film shows that we have maybe forty or fifty years until all the fish we eat is gone - just, gone - from the oceans. And most farmed fish is even worse for sustainability. Watch the trailer at the site, and watch the film to learn more.

Here's a livejournal community that focuses on photos of the UAE. Please do join it if you want to look at pictures of the UAE! And if you have anything to contribute, do not hesitate!

My loving husband, antivert, has made a hobby out of electrical engineering. He's teaching himself, which comes as no surprise as he's self taught in everything he does. Let's give him some support!

And now, for the truly random...
You may have seen this story already. It made me laugh. "We need to train an army of ninja cats..."
This is a neat soundboard for soothing and relaxing sounds and music, engineered to help you sleep.
Vegetarian Times is on Google Books!
Fifty Iconic Writers Who Were Repeatedly Rejected
Devangari Script Tutor
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