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More Cubin' Than Cubin'

Two years ago, I posted this picture of my cube collection.

Earlier this month, antivert went to Hong Kong and came back with about thirteen new cubes! Nice ones. Cuddly, smooth, well made ones. So here. Enjoy some cube porn!

This is my new favorite cube. The Rubik's version is called a Void Cube, but this one wasn't made by Rubik's.

Isn't it beautiful? It's a very high quality cube that is slightly trickier than a 3x3x3, due to a sneaky parity error that crops up in the last layer.

Here it is solved. Still gorgeous.

The cube on the right is the Rubik's Mirror Blocks I picked up in Hong Kong last month. The three on the left are excellent reproductions.

Mahjong Cube!

Mahjong Cube, other sides!

He brought home two of these. They handle better than Rubik's, the colors are deeper, and the faces aren't stickers - they're silk screened on, or something.

I don't know what to think about this.

Not really even sure how to scramble it.

It's fun to try, but I haven't gotten too far.

Obviously, this is a dodecahedron. I love it. It has two sides each of six colors; so far I've managed to solve up to four faces at a time. The twisting mechanism is smooth and the stickers are all reflective. I'll be taking this one with me to Mauritius tonight.

Before Don went to Hong Kong, I asked him to bring me a cube keychain. I didn't expect the haul he brought back.

Other faces of the keychain.

Neither of these is new, but I'm showing them to you anyway. The forward one is the Rubik's Icon Cube that Barnes & Noble has been selling. It's black, white, mirror, and three shades of grey. The rear cube is just a smooth little friend I got in Thailand a couple years back.

It occurs to me that my 4x4x4 isn't pictured in the first (older) picture, nor is my huge Doraemon cube, so I guess another post like this lies ahead. Seems I make posts about cubing when I should be sleeping (see title of above archived post). I meant to go to bed an hour ago to rest for tonight's flight. Oyasuminasai.
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