susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Mauritius, Above The Water

The bus that takes us from the airport to the hotel.

Open air lobby of the hotel. The lobby steps down into a pool, which goes on for quite some ways, until you're at the beach, a few steps away from the Indian Ocean.

The hotel room, which one can't really bear to enjoy in a place where you just have to be outside.

My colleague snapped me playing with the dodecahedron, over breakfast.

The beach behind the hotel.

The reason I post these dull old pictures of the hotel is that I couldn't take pictures of the beautiful fish and corals I enjoyed looking at, as I spent as much time as possible in the water. Someday I'll go to Mauritius and actually see some of the sights. Thus far, the only sights I've seen have been below sea level.
Tags: emirates airline, mauritius, ocean

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