susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Road Movie To Abu Dhabi

Yesterday we took a little road trip to Abu Dhabi. "We" were myself, dubaiwalla, angiereedgarner, antivert, menoir, basaferetch, and non-LJ users not otherwise specified. We iftarred at Lebanese Flower, then took snaps around the Khalidiyah neighborhood.

As each of us documented the trip, you can refer to dubaiwalla and angiereedgarner for easy comparison. Relevant entries are here and here!

Not great. Not good. But the taste is nice. (Yes, most of my pictures were of signs. As per usual.)

Our iftar noms came to AED 200 for six people. Sounds about right, but the bill made no sense.

We found a tropical fish store that was pronounced "very clean" by the marine biologist of our group.

If you're still curious, the mystery is solved. The "elite feelings" are derived from mattresses and bedding.

It's like pistachios in your mustache.

This building is weird.

The Sheraton, where we slurped cold drinks.

Ramadan Kareem, from this guy.

Sheraton again.



Festive sparklies on our way out of Abu Dhabi. Bye, Abu Dhabi!
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