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Thai Buddhas, and a Couple Other Things

I was going to go with antivert to NYC to see one or both of those TMBG shows on September 26th, but our old friend, Payload Restriction, made that impossible at the last minute. So we went to Bangkok! I go to Bangkok about four to six times a year, which means I've been there maybe twenty-five times, but it was antivert's first time. He loved the shopping (everybody does), and we both loved visiting lots and lots of temples! Here are some of those. This is the first of two (or maybe three) entries. Hope you like it, because there will be more.

The Sri Maha Mariamman Temple on Silom Road. This is right by where I stay when I lay over with work, but I never went inside until this trip. Too bad photos aren't permitted inside the temple.

The Wat Traimit temple, and the world's biggest solid gold statue.

It might be about 800 years old. For a couple hundred years, it was covered in plaster, and the gold inside was forgotten.

Walking Buddha.

Even the parts that aren't solid gold are super shiny.

The ordination hall of the same temple.

All the roofs of all the buildings of all the temples are beautiful and different.

Entrance to Chinatown.

Wat Pho, the temple of the Reclining Buddha, and a historic center of Thai medicine.

Another one of those pretty roofs.


There it is! It's 46 meters long, so it's hard to photograph with my wimpy little camera.

We got some other tourists to snap our pictures while we stood near the Buddha's feet.

108 bowls for 108 blessings. Lines of people throwing tiny coins into these bowls makes a delightfully musical sound that echoes through the temple.

Back of Reclining Buddha's head.

Chinese Marco Polo statue.

Lots of little Buddhas and other icons for sale outside Wat Pho. You can see a bigger version, if you want.

Wat Benchamabophit, The Marble Temple. It's built from Italian marble, and has lots of European accents.

Like stained glass!

And a grandfather clock with Buddhist motifs!

These are reproductions of Buddha statues kept around the world, from Cambodia to Pakistan.
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