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Yuzu gave me a yuzu...

It's the winter solstice, so I have to float a yuzu in my bath tonight, to warm my soul. I might have skipped this important tradition (it's just as important as eating eel in July) if it hadn't been for Yuzu, who gave me a yuzu.

If you've never seen a yuzu, it's a yellow or green Japanese citrus that is in season at the moment. It's good on fish or a salad.

Yuzu is a December baby, and she told me this story, which I find romantic. When she was born, her father's mother planted a yuzu sapling in her yard. So Yuzu and the tree are the same age. She told me the tree is now taller than she is. The yuzu she gave me was from the tree. So I'll use it in my bath tonight, and starting tomorrow the sun will shine a little longer each day.

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