susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

"Tortoise is THE BEST"

A few days ago, I took my Tortoise kitty to have her teeth cleaned. When I picked her up in the evening, the vet doctors were all a-squee. "How did you get her so sweet?" her doctor asked. "She is amazing, she is the best!" She said she jumped into the vets' arms and gave them kisses. That sounds like my cat. She goes for walks on a leash, pees in the potty, rides in the car, and loves strangers.

Also, she's beautiful.

I always felt Japanese cats have a funny way of looking at you. Like they're judging you.

This picture conveys her lack of a sense of humor.

Here she's "making biscuits" on my coat. Her ears are hilarious.

Her number one hobby is looking out the window.
Tags: cats

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