susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

A cute guys day

Muyan, Masako, Don and I helped out Mafumi with her massive 3-point move today. Actually, the movers did the dirty work while we ate ice cream and evaluated the movers' physical statures. Our work was mainly cleaning and fitting together the puzzle that was two apartmentsful of stuff in one school which is operating as usual tomorrow. We were thanked in so many ways that I don't feel that generous at all. Besides coming home with espresso cups-and-saucers and an English tea set, and a MIDI keyboard, Mafumi treated us to an amaaaaaazing dinner served by yummy staff at Chada Thai (where is my camera when I am surrounded by cute boys?), her mom bought us a dozen mecha-umai shue cream pastries, and her dad presented us each with a big gift-wrapped box of Japanese sweets! Hotdamn!

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