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susan smitten

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Stormy pinkness [Apr. 3rd, 2003|09:47 pm]
susan smitten
[Tags|, ]

This is my new neighborhood. I met the landlord today (the attractive Kawamura-san), and on my way back I snapped a few pictures.

I took a taxi from Kobe to Nishinomiya, through Ashiya. Thousands of sakura trees, and tens of thousands of merry frolickers.

I'm doing the blossom-viewing thing with English Studio on Sunday at Mt. Rokko. I hope the sakura hold out until then.


[User Picture]From: etherealmommy
2003-04-04 11:24 am (UTC)
I love the second one...I wish we could have visited..it looks so pretty there. Is Don still living in another town or is he living with you now?
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[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2003-04-07 07:55 am (UTC)
Hey you =)

Visit anytime! I know you couldn't do it now, but maybe a future Spring or Summer. It'd rule if all four of you came!

I have the cutest image of you and Eric each carrying a little girl all over (it's a trip that involves a lot of walking). And now I know all the best dates to be here.

(If I'm not here by the time you can arrange it, we could always plan to visit together later...)
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[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2003-04-07 08:01 am (UTC)
Oh, and Don has been living in Kobe since November. (^-^) I'm not meant to have a roommate, though, so he got a place downtown (Sannomiya) that he's moving out of this week. We're moving to Nishinomiya, between Kobe and Osaka, at the end of the month.
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