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Don is 27 today.

Tanjoubi omedetou, Don!

I haven't written about last Sunday, April 6, but I don't want to forget it. We went to Sumiyoshitaisha Jinja (Osaka) early for Kyle and Masae's wedding, which they'd kept from me until the Friday before. Shortly after nine a.m., we sat down on a local train at Nankai Namba, and a woman and her daughter sat down across from us. It was Madoka and Sarasa Ono, with whom I feel an odd cosmic connection. (Sarasa is 14 and she's my student; Madoka has been a substitute in some of my classes several times, so we know each other.) Madoka took this picture of us:

Are you thinking, "They look a little underdressed for a Shinto wedding ceremony"? Well, we didn't think to ask what kind of ceremony it would be. Here is a picture Don took during the walk around the grounds before the ceremony:

There's a guy hiding behind them holding the umbrella. Those clothes probably cost several months' salaries. It was utterly gorgeous. I'd never seen a Shinto ceremony (neither had Madoka or Sarasa), and I may never again.

From there we headed back to Kobe, and by two p.m. we were at the top of Mt. Maya, joining the English Studio (Japan Night) for a picnic that looked like this:

You can see Don impersonating a shrimp. Ooh, look at Kobe!

Don and Ueko were street fighting:

Here's a sakura tunnel that goes on for some ways:

Then we stopped by a more crowded party.

After that, pretty much everybody needed a snooze, but some of us met later for a spontaneous California Night.

Here's another picture Don took, so he isn't in it. Behold, the English Studio.
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