susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Do you like to 'do it yourself?'

I borrowed a drill to make some home improvements. I'd never used a drill, so I started with something small, and worked up to the daunting one. I did it all by myself.

These are glass racks made from wire hangers, by antivert, many years ago. My mounting job doesn't look great, but you can't see it unless you get upside down and really look.

The next thing I did was hang this framed scarf. Darumas! Like it? Three out of four guy friends told me it was too heavy to hang. The fourth was getting all twitchy because I hadn't put it up yet. It feels sturdy to me. I feel confident it won't come crashing down.

Finally, the really difficult job: mounting these wiggly mirrors from Ikea. One rectangular mirror was sixty-nine dirhams, and two wiggly mirrors were fifty-nine. The task of mounting them was seriously intimidating, but I have done it. I didn't even drill any extra holes. Now somebody take this drill away from me, before I bore again.

The dust from the wall was white. So you know which cat is going to want to roll around in it.
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