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susan smitten

Doha Brunch and the Candy Apple Series

I mentioned that last week, I had brunch in Doha with nativeinformant. What I didn't mention was that I cast my vegetarianism aside for the day, and ate a lot of raw fish. I'd been thinking about it - no, dreaming about it - for about six weeks, and trying so hard to resist. A 390 riyal buffet (that's over USD $100) seemed like the opportunity to scratch the itch. Sorry, fish. I'm back on the wagon now.

Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and rocket on a zaatar croissant.

Look at Laura. Isn't she wow? Here, she's stuck a sugary flower to her face with chocolate sauce.

Neha and me, posed. Apparently, this is how we pose.

I'd noticed the candy apples when we entered, and I was looking forward to having one. I imagined sticky, sweet caramel. My friends fetched it for me, and were giggling as they presented me with it.

The candy shell was diamond hard. I couldn't break (or even chip at it) with my knife.

Breaking the shell with our teeth was an impossibility.

It was funny to watch each other try.


I stab it with my steeley knife...

That was not easy.

Brunch was followed by these concoctions of gin and midori. nativeinformant had wine, as she doesn't drink candy cocktails.
Tags: doha, food and wine, neha

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