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A Day in the Life of Susie and Neha

Here is a collaborative DITL I did with nativeinformant on the first of this month. As she said, it was "a rather tame DITL for us."

We didn't exactly sleep before "waking up" for this day, but let's say the day started here. Neha said she didn't like this picture, but she's mad.

Clingy Cyrus is clingy.

Hey, there's a beautiful girl on my sofa.

She pointed at the bloody mary in my lap and said, 'Take a picture of that.'

The perfect manicure is holding up.

B*tches in Bookshops on iPad.

Here, maybe you should just watch it now.

This is what it looks like when Tortoise pees in the potty.

This is Tortoise being a BEAST! AAAAAH!

I lost this part. Neha suggested using a piece of cardboard from the Slinky box. (ETA: I found this part!)

slfcllednowhere gave me this Slinky. It's fun for a girl and a boy.

Tortie cat and Apple computer.

It was time to go out into the world. Neha took this picture with her antique iPhone.

"There is nothing like a Daim! Nothing in the world!" Drat, my white balance setting got changed, and I was using the optical viewfinder, so I didn't notice. So Neha looks orange and grey in this picture.

Another picture by Neha on old iPhone. She suggested that architects don't know what to do when they're not making buildings that look like [something else].

Back on the sofa. Neha is Kali's godmother.

Then people came over! Neha took this picture of Vishal and Samir.

The resourcefulness of Vishal. He made a speaker out of my punch bowl and Neha's iPad.

Another photograph by Neha. She and the brothers were amused when I served the guys their champagne-and-pomegranate mimosas in flutes that said "Don & Susan, July 27, 2005, Hawaii."

Oops, I found a filth, leftover from the crazy night before. They wouldn't let me mop, so I used Windex. Snapped by Neha.

My friends are cute.

Peter and Jason came by briefly, ate a bowl of daal (which I'd prepared in advance, on request), made fun of the way I dance, and then left.

I took this picture around the time Neha was saying, "I don't know if you guys look like brothers."

Here is Samir, and in the background is the painting he did just for me.

Vishal kicked me out of my kitchen to bartend.

Then Vishal kicked me out of my kitchen to make lemon tea.

We all ate Mexican rice out of a non-stick pan with metal utensils. Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

The last picture of the night was taken by Rahil, who showed up as the party was winding down.

In the morning, Neha took me to Zuma, a trendy Japanese restaurant in Financial Centre.

The happy continued.

These chefs shout "irashaimase!" when anyone walks in.

And they really know what they're doing. The veggie sushi platter is so much better than you think it's going to be, especially the tempura asparagus roll.

This salmon sashimi was served on a big, clear rock of ice that had dandelion petals frozen to it.

The nativeinformant adventures don't stop here. We're going to Muscat together in a few days, and she'll be back in Dubai before the end of the month. Yayness!

I'm going to St. Petersburg in four days. Should I show up at Eduard Khil's mass?
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