susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Texas: A Short Entry

No. 4 Hook and Ladder Company, Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas

Beth, and a cute guy whose name I forgot.

Driving home from Oak Lawn in the morning. When everything gets pretty, I'm nearly to my parents' house.

The Knights of Pythias sure know how to impress with their architecture.

Fuzzy's Tacos. My dad's glass of Shiner Bock, and my bottle of Angry Orchard.

Going through the "Pets" file. This one is for Phanny Strickland.

We once had a cat named "Crack Kitty." We called her "Crack," for short.

My mom started laughing hysterically when she came across this one from 1985: "Noche Strickland." I think I'll use the 'stricklands' tag for this entry.
Tags: beth, stricklands, texas

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