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susan smitten

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Zucchini, and Zucchini [Jun. 13th, 2012|06:40 pm]
susan smitten

I had a big piece of zucchini left over from yesterday's cupcakes, so here are two ways I finished it off today.

This morning, I made a spaghetti arrabiata with cherry tomatoes, garlic, a green chili, zucchini, dried blackcurrants, green peas, and black olives.

Later, I cut the rest of it into strips, battered it with egg, dredged in bread crumbs, then poured butter melted with garlic and oregano over the top. Then poured fresh lemon juice over that, baked it, and ate it with more fresh lemon juice. It was supposed to be 'zucchini parmesan,' but I totally forgot about the parmesan.

[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2012-06-14 09:33 am (UTC)
Neha wants me to mention that veggies are good along the entire spectrum of raw -> cooked. Zucchini being a great example; it's so good raw and slightly cooked. The only way you can mess it up might be by boiling it. (Hi, Dad!)

One thing I made in Japan was cold, Korean noodle salad. Prepare soumen noodles. Mix with red pepper paste, a little honey ,sesame oil, maybe sesame seeds. And whatever vegetables ~ kimchee? Cucumber? Lettuce, piman, negi? And eat with a cold boiled egg, cut in half.

I used to make veggie gyoza, too, though that seems so involved I can't imagine doing it now.

Tom yum soup with carrots, mushrooms, hokusai (sp?), and tofu. No seafood required.

What else? It's weird how long ago that was. Fried rice. Pasta casseroles (can do white sauce with mushrooms and corn, I'd eat it with tabasco) but tricky to add protein...

To be continued. Pool time. :D

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