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Tortoise on the town - katori blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
susan smitten

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Tortoise on the town [Apr. 22nd, 2003|10:38 pm]
susan smitten

We have the coolest cat ever - she likes to be carried around town.

We took her to Peter and Naoko's, and then to Simon and Sara's, without a single complaint. We picked her up after an okonomiyaki dinner and rode in Simon and Sara's van to Nishinomiya, where Tortoise could meet Zorro, who will stay in the apartment when Peter and Naoko move out and we move in.

Besides Zorro, there were 8 adults and a baby over there, but Tortoise conducted herself beautifully. Only problem she had was when she jumped into their bath and found it full. Little Zen discovered her in the bathroom and brought it to Don's attention. Tortoise handled it in stride; she's been wet before. She spent the whole time trying to flirt with Zorro, who wasn't having it.

After an hour or two, we headed back to Simon and Sara's, and we walked part of the way. Tortoise insists on being carried, rather than riding in her carrier, and Don took her into a liquor store. Once we got to their house, Tortoise commenced trying to get to know Bailey, and they circled around each other, chirping and touching noses and clearly curious about each other, but never reaching nuzzling status. Maybe next time..

On the way home, Don insisted again on going shopping, so another round of clerks got to be amused by the guy with the cat. She sat calmly in Don's arms until we got home - four hours from when we first took her out. I'm telling you, our cat is cooler than any dog.

By the way, thank you to Peter, Naoko, Mick, Simon, and Sara for the Turkish food, Vietnamese food, and general debauchery. What a weekend, ne?

[User Picture]From: culturalomnivor
2003-04-22 07:14 am (UTC)
that's so cool! my cats would never let me do that.
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[User Picture]From: etherealmommy
2003-04-22 05:45 pm (UTC)
Sounds like our old cat Luna. (sniff).

cat haiku!
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