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From my cold, dead hands.

I just saw Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine." So much to say; it's hard to watch the film without talking over it. No one connects the dots better than M.M. does. The KKK and the NRA, Kosovo and Colombine, Michegan and Colorado, public-interest news and neighborly violence, Lockheed and K-Mart. I love the bit where he wanders through an Ontario neighborhood, opening front doors to see whether they are locked.

I know, I get this stuff minimum 6 months after most Americans. I used to feel a little guilty about removing myself from the stove of the American mass media, but at the moment I feel like my sense of well-being, at least, is safer this way. Non-Americans will say that we are neurotic, misanthropic, uptight, obsessive, paranoid.... In our defense, I might say it's a misleading picture painted by Hollywood and the news media. On the other hand, how many people do you know who can't be categorized as one of the above? My self-confidence and stability have been diamond-hard lately, and there's a slight possibility that's related to the absence of 20/20, COPS, and Larry King in my media diet. Sure, I hear mostly bad news, but it's NEWS, not irrelevant scare-pieces about arsen, sex-crimes, and killer trees.

If it weren't 4:20am and I weren't knackered, I might say more. I made sushi rolls tonight -- cream cheese, smoked salmon, and fresh strawberries, TOGETHER -- for our potluck tomorrow. (Because yes, I *am* working on Christmas day.) I'll keep the reader posted on the overall reaction to this unusual combination.

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