susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Texas for Halloween and Voting

So last month, I went to Texas. I know I'm really behind on posting pictures. My India pictures all are on a computer that won't turn on. I have pictures from St. Petersburg and even more pictures from Seattle last March. I'm working on it (Mom!), I promise.

Here's a bit of Texas.

I made spaghetti squash with mushroom and broccoli marinara, sauteed spinach, garlic mushrooms, and almond "cheese." Vegan!

Tia smiling, Tia's cat yowling.

Tia's boyfriend cat

Billboard breaking through the darkness

Beth and Austin at The Chat Room in Ft. Worth. Keller fest!

Austin takes pictures.

I'd invited Josh, but he hadn't seen the email... yet he showed up at the same venue by chance, to see the band. The Keller Fest continued. It was Halloween.

The band moved too quickly for me to get pictures.

Then we saw Andria, for more Keller Fest-ness! She is wearing a top, yes. I don't know what happened with this picture.

Beth, Austin, and I went to Ole South until four in the morning.

The next day I rode around with Bryan as he delivered some pies. So that was a continuation of the Keller Fest. I still have a lot of friends from high school, don't I.
Tags: austin, beth, food and wine, texas

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