susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
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Kristin Hersh Is My Favorite

On August 26th, I got to see Kristin Hersh at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco. It was a perfect show, and I feel so lucky I got to see it. Don was with me there! So that was a nice reunion. She played songs that made me weep ("I'm so happy right now!" I cried at Don), and read aloud from her memoir, Rat Girl.

1. Your Dirty Answer*
2. Reading from Rat Girl to 'but don't remember doing'
3. Mississippi Kite
4. Hook In Her Head*
5. Rat Girl from 'Far from everyone' to 'let that deaf girl sing'
6. Me and My Charms*
7. Quick
8. Rat Girl from 'it was only a witch' to 'you're going to be fine'
9. Krait
10. Gazebo Tree
11. Rat Girl from 'late afternoon...'
12. Delicate Cutters
13. Detox
14. Rat Girl. I wrote 'bus... glass.'
15. White Suckers
16. Flooding
17. Rat Girl from 'my job turns...' to 'silence measures it with all moments'
18. You Cage
19. Sundrops
20. Teeth
21. Your Ghost

*made me cry

I told her I loved Rat Girl, but that it was about 8,000 pages too short. I told her that all I listen to in my car is 50 Foot Wave and The Real Ramona, and that when Don and I saw her in London, I wrote her to thank her for playing "Hope" and also for playing "Teeth," and that "Teeth" is my favorite song, and "Delicate Cutters" is also my favorite song, and "Hook in her Head" is also my favorite song, and that she's just my favorite. And that "You Cage" is simultaneously the saddest and the funniest song I've ever heard.

I said (about her songs having changed in a certain way), "where did those songs go, and what did they see out there?" and she said, "That's what I said!"
Tags: kristin hersh, live music

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