susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Been Framed?

When I returned to Dubai from Texas a few days ago, I brought back a couple of items of sentimental value. Then I promptly had them framed. I love framing things.

This is a woodblock print on chiffon. It was made by my grandfather, James Latta, when he was sixteen years old; with it was a paper identifying the artist, his age, and his high school, entering it into an art contest. (In what year, Mom? 1930 or something?) The picture makes the pegasus' knee look darker than the rest of the print, but it's actually uniform and flawless. It's probably the coolest thing I own.

I also came across this snapshot of my father and a cat we used to have, Sigmund. It clearly was suitable for framing, as well. Sigmund was a big, big animal, and incredibly affectionate. Doodles on the picture by my dad, maybe circa 1998.

Here's an outtake from that photoshoot. Hey, hitchhiker, remember when you put a book between these two cats? Because they're bookends, get it!

ETA: The art has been framed and hanged. I mean, hung.

The shadows make it seem like they aren't aligned as well as they are. Truth.
Tags: cats, index, lattas, stricklands

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