susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Another Day In The Life

Hi! m0rg4n reminded me it's DITL time. And as of a few hours ago, I have house internet. For the first time in about three weeks. Alas, my X100 battery bit it, and needs to be replaced, but I started off the day taking pictures with my fon camera, so I just took a few more once I got home, and an entry we have.

I rented a ladder for 48 hours, to paint my apartment, because the ceilings are stupidly high. This is a good thing, until you're painting. Then you realize how big the place really is. So I painted until late, then woke up early to finish painting the high parts before I had to return the ladder. I reached the rental counter six minutes late, but in Dubai, that's early.

These images are small, around 60k each. Pardon me if I forgo a cut.

While I painted, Tortoise saw a bird. She wanted to be friends with it. Yeah, I had my phone up on that near-death-experience ladder. There are people who put their phones down sometimes, but I've never been one of them.

I took this picture so I could whine at the paint store guys for selling me two cans that were supposed to be the same color, but which were not.

VERY tiny bird on top of that signal!

What fun ~ my car died at an intersection. Again. Is the universe telling me to buy a 2014 model something?

Since I moved, I've been feeding the cats on top of the fridge. This one is telling me the bowl contains only crumbs.

Water based paints.

Living room in disarray.

Living room put back together, with low lights.

Editing pictures in the kitchen while I cook chili. Just re-sizing; you can see I didn't bother with brightness or color.

Thought I'd show you my stove.

I wish you could taste this picture.

No caption necessary.

I realized I couldn't make a DITL without an image of myself.

To wine enthusiasts who want to know what I'm drinking: I made sangria out of Chinese wine, by adding cloves, a piece of cinnamon, a couple of ounces of orange juice, and a few spoons of sugar. Neat trick; it lasts an extra day in the fridge, goes better with chili, and tastes less like Chinese wine. I didn't spike it with anything.

Contented cat on my lap. There's another one by my legs, and another sitting on the back of my neck.

Some moments are missing, but that's okay, because they aren't elegant. Taking my car into the shop, waiting at the telecom company in a Dubai Municipality building to get my Internet serviced, buying vinegar and laundering the duvet my sweet kitty urinated on. This was not a glamorous day. Maybe I should try another DITL soon. What would you like to see?
Tags: 27th prime, ditl

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