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susan smitten

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Recreational Buying of Stuff [Jun. 23rd, 2013|10:53 pm]
susan smitten
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Today was day three of my leave. I wanted to give blood, but my hemoglobin came up short of good enough. Then I went on a gleeful retail spree.

As you can see, this is seating and it's also storage. Solving so many of my problems all at once. Bookend cats sold separately.

I got new crockery. I disliked my old plates so much, I think I was avoiding preparing things that you eat off plates.

The ice plant is new. You can eat ice plants, and so can your cats. And they will.

I grabbed a huge haul from my new favorite store on this side of the creek, stuff I can't get at the shop downstairs, including but not limited to: walnuts, Hershey's syrup, Jif peanut butter, apricot jam, tofu, canned bean sprouts, spinach, broccoli, rosemary, dried apricots, ready-to-eat aloo matar and punjabi chole, refried beans, jalapenos, habanero barbecue almonds, Heinz vegetable soup, sushi ginger, wasabi, frozen spring rolls, and Thai sweet chili sauce.

I hung some lights that I've had for years, realizing I had to use them or give them away.

I'm not totally finished yet; they'll look nice when I am.

Did you notice the cake in the ice plant picture? I made a banana cake with walnuts. I did the flax egg thing for the eggs and substituted coconut cream for sour cream. The result is fluffy and moist and sticky; I'm actually surprised. Flat, though, because I used a 12" pan instead of a 9" pan. Someday, I'll attempt a frosting using vegan margarine, coconut cream, sugar, and vanilla, but not even my new favorite store sells the vegan margarine. I have to go out to the organic shop for it.