susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Day Six ~ More of Being Outside!

Last night, I went to Trader Vic's with a complete stranger from the Internet. It's okay, we have a mutual friend. If you've never been to Trader Vic's, it's... well, you spend most of the next morning lying on the floor in the dark.

Ideally covered in cats.

A helicopter landed in front of my building. I wasn't expecting that.

I was taking pictures of Tortoise being cute when Cyrus came out of the curtains, demanded to be in a picture, then retreated back into the window.

I went outside.

This has to be a sign. (If it doesn't make sense yet, it will when I get around to posting Day Five.)

I went outside again! I skated around the Dubai Autodrome for 10km (I only got there an hour before closing) with a couple of friends. On Wednesdays only, they open the race track to cyclists and skaters. We're struggling right now with securing a space, so this is the best we can do on Wednesdays, but it's pretty great. We can't have a regular practice there. But we can skate socially and not get rusty. Yeah, it's hot in Dubai, and part of it is uphill, but part of it is downhill! And it's more wide open than the cycle track we used to skate on, outside of practices, and there are other people on skates. Naturally, we try to recruit them. On the downward slopes, I'd get nervous about losing wheels (only happens to me with this particular wheels, on this kind of terrain), and I've never really skated downhill before. So I'd get low, very low, into derby stance. The squats (and, well, skating) I've been doing must be paying off, because I held that stance for a while and it didn't burn. Of course, the guy (our future head ref) was doing things like backwards crossovers, while also filming us, around those downhill curves. That show off! I sweated more than I have, ever, I think. I missed the first two Autodrome sessions, and I didn't get why everyone was so excited about it, but I understand now. It's smooth, it's fun, it's very well lit, and it's a great cardio workout. Oh, and entry is free.

Tags: cats, dubai, skating

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