susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Day Seven ~ I guess it was a Thursday.

Day seven, a Thursday, I ran errands all day. Then I cooked dinner for a friend, and that was pleasant.

I had to alter some curtains.

Then I returned to the Fiat dialership, to put a deposit on a 500. It has a cool gear shifter.

I found myself parked next to another older Rav4. Mine is on the right, the J. Once or twice a month, someone asks me if I want to sell my car. This bodes well. The older Rav4's were the best and most coveted, even twenty years later.

I tried to donate blood again. Didn't have the numbers, again.

I wonder how many thousands of times I've eaten this exact sandwich in my life? It isn't that I'm not adventurous; I am. I try different dishes each time I go to a restaurant, try different sno-cone flavors every time. But when I feel like a Veggie Delight, nothing else can compare.

I took my car to Sharjah, to a different mechanic this time. He babbled about the carburetor.

Then I came home and cooked Italian food. Check out this cucumber.

My friend wanted a closer look at my cubes, so I opened the cabinet. Then this happened.

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